Teo's Supercharged 370z

Teo's Supercharged 370z


In the world of automotive performance, few experiences compare to the thrill of unlocking the full potential of a beloved sports car. Teo Nguyen's 2010 Nismo 370Z stands as a testament to this pursuit of power and exhilaration. Brought to SZR Pro for a supercharger upgrade, Teo's journey showcases the transformative power of aftermarket upgrades and expert tuning.


The Supercharger Upgrade:

Teo's decision to install a Top Gun Speedworks supercharger kit on his 370Z marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey. Opting for a lower blow speed configuration simplified boost control, allowing for easier management and tuning. With the goal of reaching 600 horsepower in mind, we embarked on a mission to harness the full potential of the Rotrex supercharger. Remarkably, we achieved Teo's target with ease, demonstrating the incredible power potential of this setup.


The Components of Power:

Teo's 370Z underwent a comprehensive upgrade process to complement the supercharger kit. From Stillen intakes and PPE long tube headers to a Z1 Motorsports differential brace and Greddy exhaust, every component was carefully selected to maximize performance and durability. Polyurethane differential bushings and a Laminova oil cooler further enhanced the car's stability and reliability, ensuring that it could handle the newfound power with ease.


Expert Tuning and Calibration:

Central to the success of Teo's supercharged 370Z was the expert tuning and calibration performed by SZR Pro, utilizing EcuTek Technologies. With a custom flex fuel calibration in place, alongside features like driver-controlled traction control, wide-open-throttle shifting, and close-loop fueling, every aspect of the car's performance was meticulously fine-tuned for optimal power delivery and drivability. The result is a finely tuned machine capable of dominating both street and track with confidence.

Acknowledging the Team:

A project of this magnitude wouldn't have been possible without the expertise and dedication of the team behind it. SZR Pro and lead VHR Tech Jorge Andino played pivotal roles in bringing Teo's vision to life. His attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that every aspect of the build was executed flawlessly, resulting in a 370Z that exceeded expectations in every way.


Teo Nguyen's journey with his supercharged 2010 Nismo 370Z serves as a shining example of the incredible potential that lies within the world of automotive performance upgrades. From the installation of a Top Guns Speed Works supercharger kit to expert tuning and calibration by SZR Pro, every step of the process was executed with precision and passion. Teo’s 370z epitomizes the thrill of driving and the pursuit of automotive excellence.


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