Supercharging the 350Z

Supercharging the 350Z


Welcome to SZR Pro, where passion meets performance, and every car we touch undergoes a dramatic transformation. Today, we're excited to share the story of how we turned a stock Nissan 350Z into a high-performance monster, ready to dominate the streets and the track. From engine upgrades to suspension enhancements, we have developed a comprehensive setup for unlocking the full potential of this iconic sports car.


Under the Hood:

At the heart of our 350Z transformation lies a meticulously engineered engine setup. We started by rebuilding the cylinder heads, allowing us to raise the redline to over 8,000 RPM. Upgraded injectors, billet AAM fuel rails, and a 340 Fuel pump helped increase fuel supply, though the fuel pump ended up being the limiting factor. A larger fuel pump or twin pump system would allow us to gain even more power. ARP head studs and Wiseco high compression pistons reinforce the internals for high-performance applications. With JWT C7 cams along with a Vortech SC kit running at 13psi, our 350Z now boasts an impressive 535hp and 514lb-ft of torque, propelling it into supercar territory. To handle the increased power and torque, we installed BDE Polyurethane motor mounts for stability.


Drivetrain and Exhaust:

To harness this newfound power, we upgraded the drivetrain with a 28lb flywheel from JWT and a JWT 1200KG clutch, ensuring improved power transfer. CZP lower oil pan, JWT billet oil pump, and a rare Cosworth oil pan baffle maintain oil pressure and temperature during aggressive driving. Our exhaust setup, featuring PPE headers and a Greddy single exit system, not only enhances performance but also delivers an exhilarating exhaust note that commands attention on the road.


Handling and Braking:

A high-performance car is only as good as its ability to handle and stop, which is why we didn't overlook the suspension and brakes. Kinetic control arms, Tein Master Control coilovers with Active Pro damper control, Whiteline end links, and Hotchkiss sway bars offer precise handling and adjustability. Paired with Stillen AP Racing brakes and CZP brake lines, our 350Z delivers unparalleled stopping power and confidence-inspiring performance on the track or the twisty back roads.


Electronics and Monitoring:

We tuned this car on UpRev and have plans to use a Link ECU next. We fine-tuned every aspect of the engine to maximize performance and drivability. Our triple gauge pod, featuring air/fuel ratio, boost, and an Innovate Motorsports ECF1 multi-gauge, provides real-time data monitoring, allowing drivers to make informed decisions while pushing the limits of their 350Z.



Beyond performance, we believe in enhancing the visual appeal of every car that passes through our shop. That's why we added a Stillen spoiler and sequential turn signals to our 350Z, giving it a sleek and modern look that matches its newfound performance capabilities.



At SZR Pro, we don't just upgrade cars; we transform them into something truly extraordinary. Our performance package for the Nissan 350Z is the culmination of years of experience, expertise, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of what's possible. From the roar of the supercharged engine to the precision of the suspension and brakes, every component has been carefully selected and meticulously installed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience that's second to none. If you're ready to unleash the full potential of your 350Z, visit us in Houston and experience the difference for yourself.




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