The New Nissan Z: The Next Generation of Nissan's Performance Flagship

The New Nissan Z: The Next Generation of Nissan's Performance Flagship

The new Nissan Z, with its sleek design and powerful engine, provides an excellent platform for automotive enthusiasts to take their driving experience to the next level. Whether you're a weekend track warrior or simply enjoy spirited drives on the open road, there are various aftermarket upgrades available to elevate the performance and aesthetics of your Z. In this post, we'll explore some popular modifications to enhance both the power and style of the new Nissan Z.


  1. Z1 20mm Wheel Spacers:

Wheel spacers are a simple yet effective way to improve the stance and handling of your Z. The Z1 20mm wheel spacers not only provide a more aggressive look by pushing out the wheels to fill the wheel arches but also increase the track width, enhancing stability and cornering performance.

  1. Fast Intentions Exhaust 2.5 with Resonators:

For those seeking a deeper exhaust note and improved flow, the Fast Intentions exhaust system is a popular choice. With its 2.5-inch diameter and resonators, it offers an optimal balance between performance and sound, giving your Z a more aggressive tone without excessive drone.

  1. PLM Downpipes with High Flow Cats 2.5 inch:

Unlocking additional horsepower and torque, the PLM downpipes with high-flow catalytic converters provide better exhaust flow compared to stock, resulting in improved turbo spool and overall engine response. The 2.5-inch diameter ensures compatibility with other aftermarket exhaust components for seamless integration.


  1. KW V3 Coilovers:

Achieving the perfect balance between comfort and performance is essential, and the KW V3 coilovers deliver just that. With adjustable damping and ride height, you can tailor your Z's suspension to suit your driving style, whether it's daily commuting or spirited driving on the track.

  1. AMS Heat Exchanger:

Keeping engine temperatures in check is crucial, especially during spirited driving or hot weather conditions. The AMS heat exchanger provides improved cooling efficiency, reducing the risk of heat soak and maintaining consistent performance throughout your drive.

  1. Z1 Oil Pan Upgrade:

To ensure adequate oil supply and prevent oil starvation during high-G maneuvers, the Z1 oil pan upgrade features baffles and improved oil pickup design. This upgrade is particularly beneficial for aggressive driving scenarios, where proper lubrication is essential to protect the engine.


  1. Zeitronix ECA-2 Can Bus Flex Fuel Sensor:

For those looking to extract maximum performance from their Z, the Zeitronix ECA-2 flex fuel sensor allows for seamless integration of ethanol blends. With ECU compatibility and real-time monitoring capabilities, you can optimize fueling and ignition timing for increased power and efficiency.

  1. Zspec Design Valve Stem Caps:

Enhancing the visual appeal of your Z, the Zspec Design valve stem caps add a touch of style to your wheels. Available in various finishes and designs, they complement the overall aesthetics of your Z while providing a subtle cosmetic touch.

  1. Nismo Intake:

Improving airflow to the engine is key to unlocking additional horsepower and torque. The Nismo intake system features a high-flow filter and optimized intake tract design, resulting in improved throttle response and engine sound.

  1. ECUtek Tuning:

To tie everything together and maximize the potential of your Z's modifications, professional tuning is essential. ECUtek tuning allows for precise calibration of engine parameters, optimizing performance, drivability, and reliability based on your specific setup and driving goals.

In conclusion, upgrading your new Nissan Z with aftermarket parts and accessories not only enhances its performance but also allows you to personalize its style and character to suit your preferences. Whether you're chasing faster lap times at the track or turning heads on the street, these modifications offer a perfect blend of form and function, elevating your driving experience to new heights.



**Next Steps: Taking the Nissan Z Build to the Next Level**


With the foundation set, it's time to consider the next steps to further optimize and unleash the full potential of your build. Here are our plans for the next stage of modifications for our Z:


  1. E85 Fuel System:

Switching to E85 fuel opens up opportunities for significant power gains, thanks to its higher octane rating and cooler combustion temperatures. Installing an E85 fuel system, including compatible fuel lines, fittings, and a larger capacity fuel tank, will allow you to take full advantage of ethanol blends and extract maximum performance from your engine.


  1. AMS Stage 1 Injectors:

To support the increased fuel demand of E85 and higher boost levels, upgrading to AMS Stage 1 injectors is crucial. These injectors feature larger flow rates and improved atomization, ensuring adequate fuel delivery for enhanced power output while maintaining optimal air-fuel ratios.


  1. AMS Stage 1 High-Pressure Fuel Pump:

Complementing the upgraded injectors, the AMS Stage 1 high-pressure fuel pump ensures consistent fuel delivery at higher pressures, crucial for maintaining fueling demands under heavy load and high boost conditions. This upgrade is essential for maximizing the potential of your E85-fueled Nissan Z build.

  1. AEM 340 Low-Pressure Fuel Pump:

Upgrading the low-pressure fuel pump ensures sufficient fuel supply to the high-pressure fuel pump, especially during high-demand situations. The AEM 340 low-pressure fuel pump provides increased flow rates and reliability, ensuring consistent fuel delivery to support the demands of your performance build.


  1. Stillen Tru-Control:

To further enhance performance, we tested the Stillen Tru-Control tuning solution. We had good results up to about 470hp but will be going to ECU-Tek for further performance gains. This is a great option for getting more power out of the car without having to flash the ECU.


By incorporating these next steps into our Nissan Z build, we'll not only unlock even greater levels of performance but also ensure reliability and drivability under demanding conditions. Whether you're pushing your Z to its limits on the track or enjoying spirited drives on twisty backroads, these modifications will elevate your driving experience to new heights. With careful planning and execution, your Nissan Z will become a true enthusiast's machine, capable of thrilling performance and head-turning style on every drive.



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