tuning and dynamometer


For 2009 and newer cars, SZRpro proudly uses EcuTek. EcuTek has been developing ECU tuning and remapping software for over a decade, and are forerunners in tuning for Japanese performance vehicle ECUs. EcuTek’s tuning software allows a true and clean recalibration of a vehicle’s standard engine management system, providing the most effective way to tune modern vehicles. In addition to tuning, EcuTek designs and produces comprehensive ECU programming and diagnostics software. It’s easy to see why some of the largest names in the tuning industry choose EcuTek.


For cars model years 2003-2008, SZRpro tunes exclusively with UpRev. UpRev has been developing reflash systems for Nissan since 2004. With a focus on data collection and calibration systems, they strive to become the premier choice for the enthusiasts and professionals who work with today’s exciting new vehicles. As vehicle manufacturers utilize more electronic controls with each model year, the need and demand for reprogramming and calibration products continues to grow. UpRev is here to deliver.


For 80’s and 90’s cars, SZRpro tunes with Nistune. Nistune is a realtime tuning suite for earlier model   Nissans which are able to be fitted with a solder-in daughter board. Nistune real time boards provide a way to make your factory ECU fully remappable, similar to aftermarket standalone units, for a fraction of the price. SZRpro can quickly and easily retune your factory ECU with minimal installation and setup, using the Nistune software.


  • ECUTEK License and Dyno Tune $875 Retune $300 Flex Fuel Tuning $300 (Ethanol Sensor Required!) 
  • UPREV License and Dyno Tune (Includes ARC License!) $875 Retune $300 Additional Fuel Tuning(e85,etc) $300 5 Map Flex Tuning $500 (Ethanol Sensor and Gauge Required!)

  • NISTUNE Board Installation onto ECU, and Dyno Tune $1000-$1200 depending on Application Retune $300 Flex Fuel Tuning $300 (Ethanol Sensor and Gauge Required!)

  • DYNO Run   Three Pulls measuring AFR / HP / TQ  $75