Stay Awhile And Listen

This is a selection of answers to frequently asked questions, and info that you may find useful.

Q. What is Nistune? Is it like a Z1/JWT/SZ chip?

A: Nistune is a Nissan OBDI tuning solution that allows us to make real-time adjustments to your ECU on the dyno. We solder a socket into your ECU, like would be done for a chip, but the similarities end there. Instead of installing a chip with a static tune on it that must be removed and sent off to be adjusted, we install a Nistune circuit board that grants us control over timing, air/fuel, and more. With most ECU’s, we are able to install Nistune’s Feature Pack at no additional charge. The feature pack allows for things like launch control, Flex Fuel, and fan control! If you’re into tuning your own car, we can also sell you a license and a cable to make adjustments yourself!

Q. What is Flex Fuel, and why do I want it?

A. Flex Fuel is the ability for your car to use 93 octane, e85, or any mixture of the two. Our Flex Fuel Kits will allow your ECU to read the ethanol content of the fuel and make the necessary adjustments on the fly to get as much power as possible out of whatever mixture of 93 octane and e85 is in going through your fuel line.

Q. How does e85 make more power than 93 octane?

A. There are a number of different answers, but the two most important are temperature and detonation resistance. Ethanol absorbs more heat than gasoline when it changes from a liquid to a gas, resulting in a more dense air/fuel charge and lower cylinder temperatures. Additionally, ethanol is less likely to prematurely detonate, allowing forced induction cars to run higher boost levels without damaging the engine.

​Q. Is e85 safe for my fuel system? I heard that it can corrode or damage fuel system components.

A: The short answer is yes, it’s safe. There has been much discussion on the dangers and benefits of running ethanol-based fuels, and we have not seen or heard of any Z32’s anywhere having any problems that were caused by running e85. The key word here is “running”. Ethanol will absorb moisture out of its environment, and that moisture is not good for the insides of fuel injectors. If your car is going to sit for an extended amount of time, run the e85 out, fill up with 93 octane, and let the 93 run through the system.

​Q. What all do I need to run Flex Fuel in my Z32?

A: All you need is a Houston Z Flex Fuel Kit and some dyno time! Click here to see our Flex Fuel options! To be a bit more specific, you need a higher volume fuel pump and fuel injectors. If you already have those, you need Nistune on your ECU, you need a tune for your car to run on 93 octane fuel, you need a tune for it to run on e85, you need an ethanol content sensor, and you need a component to translate the signal from the sensor into something the ECU understands. In the Houston Z Flex Fuel Kits, that translating component is the Innovate Motorsports gauge. There are other options available, but we’ve found the Innovate Motorsports setup to be the best.

​Q. Why is a Flex Fuel setup so expensive?

A. A similar setup from AEM with just the ECU and bits needed to run/tune flex fuel is over $2400 without a pump or injectors, and an equivalent Haltech setup is over $2700. Compared to those, the Houston Z kits are very cost effective!

​Q. How much power can I make with a Houston Z Flex Fuel Kit?

A: We have used Nistune to run e85 through injectors up to 1200cc on VG’s and RB’s. With the right supporting mods, upwards of 900hp is possible. On a bone-stock Twin Turbo Z32, our Advanced Flex Package combined with a boost controller could make right around 400whp.​

​QQ: Should I put short or long headers on my VQ?

A: If you’re doing headers, whether on a VQ35DE or a VQ35HR, the engine will respond better to the longtubes. This means that you won’t be running any cats, so check your local emissions laws before making that decision! If you have a VQ35DE, then you shouldn’t bother with headers unless you have to do exhaust manifold gaskets or pull the motor for something else, as the gains aren’t that great. The HR motor breathes better, and sees better results from headers.

​Q: I have an R32 Skyline, do you guys work on those?

A: Yes, we do! We can maintain, repair, and upgrade any Skyline you bring us!

​Q: Can you guys swap an (RB/SR/KA/VG/1J/2J) into my (S30/S13/S14/Z31/Z32/R32)?

A: Yes, we can! For more exotic swaps, the cost will obviously go up, but we can do it!

​Q: Can you help me turbo my ______________?

A: Absolutely! Let us know what your power goals are and we’ll work something out with you!

​Q: How much is it to swap a manual into my automatic 350z/G35/370z/G37?

A: More than it’s worth. It’s far more cost effective to sell your AT car and buy a MT car.

​Q: What’s the easiest way for me to make 500whp?

A: If you have a turbo car, the easiest way is e85, fuel pump, injectors, boost controller, and a tune. This may destroy your engine, so a stronger engine build may be necessary. If you don’t have a turbo car, all of the above, plus a turbo and intercooler(s).